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is a most desirable and expensive fish in the market. Although it is an expensive, demand for shark fish is not decreasing. When come to shark dry fish that is having a totally different and good taste from fresh fish. The dried shark can be keep for a long time; it will not get spoiled as early. Most of the people used to buy it in the time of ending of the summer season because in rainy season there will be a difficulties in fishing. The main advantage of the dry shark is long lasting capacity. And it has twenty grams of protein in each hundred grams. There are different methods for drying the shark fish. But, drying shark is little difficult rather than other fishes because of their cartilage. Before people were using sun light to dry the fishes but as time goes different-different invention made and now a day there are so many kind of machines are available to dry the fishes. As mentioned above shark fish has not bones but they have cartilage in the space of bone. So, most of the people likes shark fish including children.
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